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AICA: 80% Accuracy on MRO Data vs. 30% from Gen AI Models

What is AICA?


AICA is a Software-as-a-Service platform specialising in product data & services cleansing, enrichment, and comparison.

We utilise Artificial intelligence and Machine learning algorithms to detect a wide array of errors and inconsistencies within datasets.

This allows organisations to get the most out of their data, therefore improving overall efficiency and reducing unnecessary costs.

AICA ensures that your data works FOR you, not against you, feeding your Master Data Management system with pristine and enriched data.


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Product Data Enrichment

Data enrichment involves upgrading your existing data on products and services with more relevant and substantial information. This process includes adding additional product attributes, data categorization, enhancing the data's completeness, and providing more comprehensive product descriptions.

  • UNSPSC Classification
  • Product Descriptions
  • Enhancing Data Completeness
  • Attribute Addition
Key Benefit: Enhanced data quality for better decision-making.
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Product Data Enrichment

Product Data Cleansing

Data cleansing detects, corrects, and enhances your product and service data. It includes detecting and correcting duplicates, anomalies, missing data, and language errors. Data cleansing maintains your data's precision, reliability, and freshness, enabling your business to leverage it to its full potential.

  • Language Correction
  • De-Duplication
  • Missing Data
  • Anomaly Detection
Key Benefit: Clean and reliable data for accurate analysis.
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Product Data Cleansing

Product Data Creation

Establishing standardized data for products or services is crucial for optimal operational and logistical performance. AICADATA offers a suite dedicated to Product and Service Data Creation, crafted to streamline your business operations.

  • Automated Data Creation
  • Number Creation
  • Attribute Creation
  • Description Creation
Key Benefit: Efficient and accurate data creation for better operations.
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Product Data Creation

Consulting Services

Our experienced team of data consultants works closely with your organization, offering personalized strategies tailored to meet your unique needs. We understand the specifics of various data landscapes, allowing us to identify problem areas and propose effective solutions.

  • Digital transformation
  • Custom implementation
  • Personalized strategies
Key Benefit: Tailored solutions for optimal performance.
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Consulting Services

Product Data Comparison

Data comparison assesses distinct sets of data to discern similarities, discrepancies, trends, or anomalies. By comparing your data, it helps in pinpointing potential issues, refining processes, and comprehending market fluctuations.

  • Identifying similarities and discrepancies
  • Understanding trends and anomalies
  • Refining processes
  • Maintaining market edge
Key Benefit: Stay ahead of the market with accurate comparisons.
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Product Data Comparison

Case Studies

See how AICA has achieved Real World Results

How AICA's Data Strategies Enhanced the Efficiency of an Industrial Plant

An industrial processing plant in Africa embarked on a journey with AICA to revamp its procurement, warehouse management, supply chain, and maintenance processes. The project’s cornerstone was the sophisticated use of data cleansing and enrichment to drive efficiency and profitability.

Revolutionising Mining Operational Efficiency with AICA

AICA, in collaboration with a channel partner, embarked on a journey to revolutionise data management for a mining operation in the United States. Utilising our state-of-the-art AI-driven SaaS platform, our goal was to tackle substantial data quality challenges and unlock new avenues for cost savings and operational efficiency.

Transforming Product and Service Classification with AICA's AI Solution

The challenge of efficiently classifying vast catalogues of products and services according to the UNSPSC is a costly and time consuming task. A leading industrial supplier faced this challenge head-on by partnering with AICA, a solution at the forefront of AI-driven classification.

How Poor Spelling Causes Duplicate Data

AICA has long understood that spelling accuracy is crucial for maintaining high-quality, reliable data. Poor spelling can cause significant issues in product data, particularly in creating duplicate entries. This case study highlights the impact of misspellings on data integrity and operational efficiency, focusing on how they lead to duplicate data entries.


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