About AICA - Vision and Brand Values


AICA envisions itself as the foremost provider of product data optimisation solutions within the energy, mining, manufacturing and construction industries. We achieve this by harnessing the immense potential of machine learning, artificial intelligence and our profound industry expertise.


  • Innovation: AICA is driven by relentless innovation, infusing state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence into its product data solutions.
  • Precision: With a combination of deep industry knowledge and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, AICA is unwavering in its commitment to delivering unparalleled data accuracy to its customers.
  • Velocity: Through the powerful synergy of industry experience and artificial intelligence, AICA optimises processes, saving businesses valuable time and resources while unlocking increased business opportunities.
  • User-Friendliness: AICA places a premium on user-friendliness and simplicity, ensuring that our solutions are accessible to businesses, regardless of their technical background.

About AICA - Mission and Approach


AICA is on a mission to empower businesses operating in the energy, mining, manufacturing, and construction sectors. We achieve this by offering rapid, cost-efficient and highly accurate solutions for cleansing, enriching, and comparing product data. Our services are fuelled by cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, further fortified by our deep industry expertise.

Our Approach

To accomplish this mission, we work hand in hand with various strategic partner categories, including:
  • Software Providers: Collaborating with software companies that seek to enhance their core product offerings without the expense and specialised expertise required for development and maintenance.
  • Software Implementation Partners: Partnering with companies focused on improving the efficiency of their software implementations and elevating customer satisfaction.
  • Business Process Consultants: Supporting consultants specialised in optimising business processes by providing them with clean and enriched data to drive effective system implementations and validate return on investment (ROI).
  • E-Marketplaces: Assisting e-marketplaces in maintaining data cleanliness amid the diverse and extensive product data they handle from multiple suppliers.
  • Commission Partners:  AICA welcomes individuals and organizations who appreciate our exceptional solutions to join as commission partners. By promoting our innovative offerings, partners can earn generously through our structured commission system, creating a mutually beneficial partnership that supports growth and success.
 Together with these partners, we bring our mission to life by delivering exceptional data solutions that empower businesses to thrive in their respective industries.

Meet the Team

Isak Marais

Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur with three decades of business experience in multiple start-ups. Worked in corporate organisations spanning Africa, Europe, and the Americas. Set up and ran own companies over a period of twenty years. Has received various local and international awards for innovation. He has a deep understanding of product information management and also supply chain management.

Stiaan Maree

Chief Technology Officer  Data Scientist and Machine Learning specialist with extensive Deep Learning and DevOps experience. Holds an MSc in Data Science. Has been a Machine Learning lead on several projects. He possesses an exceptional aptitude for comprehending machine learning models and seamlessly translating them into practical production applications. Drives the AICA product and software development processes.

Dr. Ernst Van Biljon

Strategic Advisor

Doctorate in supply chain management. Supply chain academic and technology business commercialisation specialist. Extensive knowledge and experience in supply chain management, international business, IP rights, corporate governance, business systems, business contracting, organisational design, and financial systems. Worked and lived in Europe as an executive and Board Member at Swiss and Liechtenstein companies, working on technology business commercialisation and value chain development.

Marco Fourie

Software Tester and Project Manager With a rich background in esports at a professional level, Marco brings to the table not just technical expertise, but a deep understanding of team dynamics and collaboration. His tenure as a software tester and project manager in a burgeoning startup has honed his leadership style, moulding him into a servant leader who prioritises the needs and growth of his team members. He’s not just content with personal growth; he actively seeks to inspire and lead others on their journey of knowledge expansion and skill enhancement.

Dylan Lamb

Content Management With a refined skill set in copywriting and content writing, he excels in producing educational content that demystifies the complexities of AI in the product data domain. His writings serve as a bridge, making intricate product data management concepts accessible and relatable to readers. This, combined with his adeptness in social media management, ensures that the educational narrative reaches its intended audience in an engaging manner. Dylan’s unique perspective elevates the discourse on AI, offering both practical, and profound insights.

Giloume van der Walt

Software Engineer Intern


Giloume van der Walt combines a strong foundation in psychology with a passion for AI and data science, contributing a unique perspective to AICA’s mission of AI-driven product data cleansing. As a software engineer intern, Giloume applies his deep interest in statistics, machine learning, and human cognition to enhance AICA’s technology solutions. Graduating as valedictorian with a Bachelor’s in Social Science and an Honours degree in Psychology, he bridges the gap between understanding human behavior and developing innovative, user-centric software.

Tarlock Rai

Channel Partner Lead

A highly experienced executive with over 20 years of expertise in driving operational excellence, developing strategic partnerships, and accelerating organisational growth across various industries. He possesses a profound mastery in integrating operational, marketing, and strategic planning disciplines, demonstrating a remarkable capacity for visionary leadership and meticulous execution. Through his commitment to fostering team development and leading with cultural sensitivity, he excels in building high-performance teams and instigating a culture of collaboration that transcends geographic and industrial limitations. With a strong emphasis on community building and a dedication to enhancing organisational well-being, his leadership ethos is characterised by strategic vision and a commitment to excellence, establishing him as a transformative figure in any professional landscape.