AICA proudly announces the launch of its latest product data creation suite. This innovative suite, a testament to our commitment to technological excellence, is designed to revolutionise the process of product data management.

Equipped with even more advanced features and powered by artificial intelligence, the suite promises to cater to a wide spectrum of user needs and preferences, setting a new standard in the industry.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

Central to our suite is the enhanced data analysis capability, leveraging artificial intelligence to offer users in-depth insights into their product data. This feature is pivotal in today’s fast-paced, data-centric business world, empowering users to make strategic, informed decisions rapidly.

AICA’s dedication to providing sophisticated analysis tools underscores our understanding of the critical role data plays in shaping business strategies.

Intelligent Numbering System

A standout feature of our suite is the intelligent numbering system, which offers unmatched customisation. Users can effortlessly generate new product numbers, adapting the system to meet specific sequencing and logical needs.

Dynamic Attribute-Based Creation

Expanding on our attribute-based creation, our suite introduces dynamic variations, enabling users to modify multiple attributes simultaneously. This capability enhances the creative process, allowing for quick adaptation to changing market trends.

Advanced Classification and Tagging

Recognising the importance of organised and easily navigable data, our suite includes advanced data classification and tagging. This feature ensures that products, regardless of their complexity or category, are accurately classified and tagged, enhancing the efficiency of data management across varied product portfolios.

Smart Data Enrichment

Our suite also boasts a smart data enrichment feature, transforming the way product descriptions are crafted. By suggesting improvements based on industry standards and user preferences, we ensure that product data is not only precise but also engaging and market-ready.

In a marketplace where compelling narratives can sway consumer choices, this feature is invaluable.


Our suite is more than an advancement; it’s a new benchmark in the field, embodying our vision of equipping businesses with tools that are both innovative and user-friendly. At AICA, we are not just developing technology; we are shaping the future of data management.

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