Effective product data management and creation is key to maintaining competitiveness. One major challenge manufacturers face is managing vast product inventories, especially standardising new SKUs and creating attributes for new items.

AICA presents a groundbreaking solution to these challenges, leveraging advanced ML algorithms to revolutionise product data creation.

The Challenge with Traditional SKU Creation

Traditionally, the process of managing, creating, and standardising SKU numbers for existing products has been fraught with complexity and challenges. This difficulty often arises from the use of non-standardised SKU numbers, leading to a range of inefficiencies in inventory management:

 Non-Uniformity Across Product Lines: Without a standardised system, SKU numbers can vary widely, making it difficult to track and manage products effectively.

 Increased Risk of Errors: The lack of standardisation increases the potential for errors in inventory tracking, order processing, and data management.

 Complicated Inventory Audits: Non-standardised SKUs make inventory audits more time-consuming and complex, often requiring additional resources to decipher and rectify inconsistencies.

 Challenges in Order Fulfilment: Discrepancies in SKU numbers can lead to errors in order fulfilment, such as shipping incorrect items or quantities, which directly affects customer and retailer satisfaction.

 Inefficiencies in Stock Replenishment: Inconsistent SKU management complicates the process of stock replenishment, leading to potential overstocking or stockouts.

These issues collectively can lead to logistical nightmares, affecting various aspects of business operations.


AICA’s Solution for New Product SKU Standardisation

AICA tackles this issue head-on by taking old SKU numbers and transforming them into a new, standardised format.

Utilising our cutting-edge AI and ML algorithms, this process not only ensures uniformity across product lines but also aligns with current market practices, enhancing overall inventory management efficiency.

Product Attribute Creation

In addition to SKU standardisation, we excel in creating unique attributes for new items.

Our algorithms enhance the attribute creation process by utilising existing attributes on old products and adapting them for the new items. This method significantly streamlines the workflow, dramatically cutting down on the time and effort required for attribute generation.

By automating this process, we minimise errors and ensure that new products are market-ready in a shorter time frame.

The Impact on Time Efficiency and Product Data Accuracy

Adopting AICA’s technology leads to remarkable improvements in time efficiency and data accuracy. This approach not only speeds up the process of bringing new products to market but also ensures that inventory data is reliable, accurate and up-to-date.

Seamless Integration with ERP Systems

A key strength of AICA’s solution is its ability to integrate seamlessly with existing ERP systems.

This integration ensures that businesses can adopt our advanced SKU and attribute creation features without disrupting your current operations. The seamless integration facilitates a smoother transition and allows for immediate improvements in inventory and product data management.


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