With the rapid pace of technological innovation, deploying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is key for businesses striving to stay on top. AI and ML offer transformative capabilities, from automating routine tasks to generating insights from vast datasets, ultimately driving better decision-making and innovation. However, the complexity and cost associated with developing and maintaining AI solutions can be prohibitive for many businesses.

AICA, a pioneer of AI as a Service (AIaaS) for product data, offers a powerful AI solution specialising in product data cleansing, enrichment, creation, and comparison. Our groundbreaking work on Maintenance, Repair and Operations product data sets the foundation for our advanced capabilities, now available to partners across various industries.

What is AI as a Service?

AI as a Service (AIaaS) is an outsourcing model that allows businesses to leverage sophisticated AI technology on a subscription basis. Similar to Software as a Service (SaaS), AIaaS provides flexibility, scalability, and accessibility. This model democratises access to AI, making it feasible for companies of all sizes to develop and implement AI-driven solutions tailored to their specific needs.

The Financial Advantage of AIaaS

Developing AI solutions in-house is an expensive venture. It requires substantial investments in infrastructure, software, and specialised personnel. Here’s why AIaaS from AICA is a more economical option:

1. Reduced Initial Investment: Building an AI model from the ground up involves high  research and development costs which include hiring a team of data scientists and engineers. AIaaS eliminates these initial expenses, allowing businesses to leverage state-of-the-art AI technology without hefty upfront costs.

2 . Ongoing Maintenance Savings: Maintaining and updating AI models requires continuous investment. With AIaaS, these costs are included in the service fee. Our team ensures that the algorithms are always up-to-date and optimised, freeing your resources for other critical business operations.

Time Efficiency

Time is a critical factor in the competitive business environment. Developing AI models internally can take a significant amount of time, often extending beyond a year. AICA’s AIaaS provides a faster, more efficient alternative:

1. Pre-trained Algorithms: Our AI algorithms have been refined using tens of millions of clean and enriched maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) datasets. This strong foundation allows for quicker adaptation and deployment, significantly reducing the time required to develop effective AI solutions.

2. Quicker Deployment: By using our pre-trained algorithms, businesses can reduce the lengthy initial development phase. 

3. Customisation and Flexibility: Although our algorithms are pre-trained, they are highly adaptable to your specific needs. This bespoke approach ensures relevance and effectiveness, while still benefiting from the time efficiency of pre-trained models.

Why Choose AICA’s AIaaS?

1. Superior Accuracy: AICA’s AI solutions achieve 80% accuracy, significantly higher than the 30% accuracy of general AI models, ensuring reliable and precise data management.

2. Our AI-driven services cater to various industries:

– Retail: Optimise product listings and descriptions for better discoverability and sales.

– Pharmaceutical and Medical: Ensure accurate handling of sensitive product data.

– Automotive: Streamline product hierarchies and compatibility information.

– Consumer Electronics: Keep product data up-to-date with the latest specifications.

– Food and Beverage: Enhance labelling and nutritional information accuracy.

3. Efficiency and Cost Savings:

– Experienced Team: Smooth integration and immediate effectiveness.

– Quicker Product Deployment: Save up to 85% in time and costs with our mature AI product.

– Reduced Development Costs: Avoid the high costs of building AI solutions from scratch.

– Lower Operational Costs: Automate data processes to reduce manual labour costs.

– Ownership and Control: Retain full ownership of your data while using AICA’s robust infrastructure.

5. Seamless Integration: Easy integration into existing systems via a custom developed API, enhancing functionality and performance of ERP, CMS, EAM, MDM, or PIM systems.

6. Flexible Delivery Options: Delivered as both a bespoke SaaS or custom developed API option, providing flexibility in integration methods.


Building AI models from scratch is both time-consuming and costly. AICA’s AIaaS offers a more cost-effective and time-efficient alternative, enabling businesses to harness the power of AI without the associated burdens. Our pre-trained, adaptable algorithms, combined with extensive expertise and support, ensure that you can quickly and effectively implement AI solutions tailored to your unique needs. 

Embrace the future with AICA’s AIaaS and transform your business operations today.

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