An industrial processing plant in Africa embarked on a journey with AICA to revamp its procurement, warehouse management, supply chain, and maintenance processes. The project’s cornerstone was the sophisticated use of data cleansing and enrichment to drive efficiency and profitability.


The primary objective was to improve this plant’s internal controls, compliance, risk management, and profitability. This was to be achieved through enhanced plant availability over a six-month period, leveraging AICA’s expertise in data management.

Strategy and Implementation

Warehouse Optimisation:

  • Comprehensive data cleansing and enrichment.
  • Implementation of a robust inventory management system.
  • Enhanced utilisation EAM software for process efficiency.

Procurement Process Overhaul:

  • Development of a strategic procurement plan.
  • Revision of existing contracts to unearth cost-saving opportunities.

Contract Review and Negotiation:

  • Identification and exploitation of cost-saving opportunities in existing contracts.

Asset Maintenance Integration:

  • Synchronisation of maintenance plans with warehouse and procurement processes.

Key Achievements

Improved Data Decision Making:

  • 8,250 SKUs were meticulously cleansed and enriched, leading to more informed decision-making.

Inventory and Procurement Efficiency:

  • A significant reduction in duplication and working capital, amounting to $195,000 in the first year.
  • $60,000 procurement savings achieved in the first year through strategic sourcing and contract management.

Maintenance and Operational Efficiency:

  • Approximately $1.7 million in maintenance efficiency savings in the first year, enhancing the overall operational effectiveness..

Strategic Procurement and Contract Management:

  • Transition to a new EAM for order generation, leading to a projected cost reduction of 10-20%.

Cumulative Savings:

  • Projected total savings over three years was estimated to be $3.1 million, a significant financial impact for this production plant.

Challenges and Solutions

The project encountered challenges in data inconsistency and process integration. AICA addressed these through meticulous data cleansing and the implementation of standardised processes across all departments.


The collaboration between this plant and AICA highlights the significant impact of product data management and cleansing strategies in operational efficiency. 

Through focused efforts in data cleansing, enrichment, and process optimisation, this industrial processing plant achieved substantial cost savings, streamlined operations, and enhanced profitability. 

This case study serves as a testament to the power of data in transforming business processes and outcomes.

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