Our team of seasoned data consultants offers tailored advice to optimise your data management processes. They bring industry-leading expertise in handling product data and implement effective strategies to cleanse, enrich, and compare your product information to enhance your competitive edge.

Scoping: Comprehensive Client Assessment

Central to our consulting process is an in-depth client assessment. Utilising a detailed questionnaire as well as meetings, we endeavor to understand the intricacies of our clients’ challenges and requirements.

This pivotal step ensures the subsequent alignment of our proposed solutions with the specific needs and aspirations of our clientele.

Proof of Concept: Value Proposition Validation

We recognise the importance of validating our propositions. As such, our Proof of Concept phase, conducted over a two-week timeframe, offers tangible evidence of our potential impact.

Within this period, we engage in rigorous analysis of client product data, identifying areas requiring enhancement. The culmination of this phase is a comprehensive report, elucidating the prospective return on investment across various organisational departments.

Main Project: Strategic Solution Implementation

Armed with insights from the preceding phases, we initiate the pivotal stage of solution implementation. This juncture signifies our commitment to transcending theoretical propositions and delivering tangible, actionable results.

Be it data cleansing, enrichment, or specialised integration, this will all be implemented in this phase to ensure that our clients’ data is as accurate and insightful.

Subscription to our SaaS: Continuity and Evolution

Upon successful project completion, our commitment remains. Our Software-as-a-Service solution stands as a testament to our dedication to long-term client success.


This offering ensures consistent, superior data quality. With our SaaS solution, clients are assured of systematic data management, streamlined operational processes, and an infrastructure conducive to
perpetual refinement.

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