Data enrichment is about enhancing, refining, and adding value to your product data. It’s the extra layer that adds more value to your data.

In today’s business environment, merely having data isn’t enough. For it to be a valuable asset, it needs context and depthEnriched data gives a comprehensive view of products, allowing for better decision-making and more robust market strategies.

Our data enrichment services includes:


  • Data Classification
  • Addition of relevant, insightful details to your product data.
  • Translation
  • Extraction
  • Correct data Taxonomy/Schema Design
  • Web scraping

Below, you can find more information on each of these services.


Select the correct classification system that meets your needs e.g. UNSPSC, ETIM, GS1, Amazon, Bing, Google, and Shopify. For specific needs that are not met by standard classification schema, customers are able to create their own custom classification systems. Alternatively, our algorithm can detect and provide options for which classification system to use.

Classification systems set the foundation for the development of a product classification strategy.

AICA Product Data Enrichment - Classification. The screenshot showcases our SAAS app's Classification feature. Users can select classification systems such as UNSPSC, ETIM, GS1, Amazon, Bing, Google, and Shopify, or create custom systems. The interface allows the algorithm to detect and suggest appropriate classification options, setting the foundation for a robust product classification strategy.

Product Descriptions

An enriched product database is pivotal to offering a comprehensive understanding of your product data. Incorporating both short and long descriptions, along with detailed attributes, is a vital step in this enrichment process.

1. Short Descriptions:
Short descriptions offer a concise snapshot of a specific product, capturing its essence in a limited number of words. This is usually the first piece of information employees or customers view.

2. Long Descriptions:
Long descriptions delve deeper, providing comprehensive details about the product. They serve to inform customers or employees.

Product attributes are specific details or characteristics of the product. They provide structured data that can be crucial for filtering and comparison.

AICA Product Data Enrichment - Product Descriptions. The screenshot displays the Product Descriptions feature of our SAAS app. Users can enrich product data by adding Specification Details (technical specifics), Usability highlights, Comparative Information, Origin details, and accurate Categorization. This enhances search and filter functionalities, providing comprehensive product information

This Includes:

  • Specification Details: Include technical specifics and attributes, like size, weight, material, color, and other pertinent details.
  • Usability: Highlight features that enhance the product’s usability or functionality.
  • Comparative Information: Attributes that help in comparing products, like battery life in gadgets or thread count in fabrics, can be valuable.
  • Origin Information: Details like manufacturing location, source of materials, or any certifications.
  • Categorisation: Ensure that products are categorised accurately based on their attributes, aiding in better search and filter functionalities.


Product data translation involves meticulously converting product details, descriptions, and specifications from one language to another, ensuring that they resonate with the cultural and linguistic nuances of each targeted region. For multinational corporations, the advantages of such translations are profound and cannot be overstated.

Benefits of Product Data Translation include:


  • Streamlined communication
  • Unified data management
  • More effective training
  • Optimised resource allocation
  • Enhanced decision making
  • Future-proofing


Uploaded product data can be extracted and populated according to the classification system subcategories. What was a long unmanageable product description becomes a detailed product information record with multiple levels. This enriches the product data for better searching and comparison.

Taxonomy/Schema Design

Our machine learning tools allow automatic taxonomy creation, enabling us to assist customers in creating their own classification system and further differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Web Scraping

Information supplied by customers relating to manufacturers, suppliers, or competitors, is used to scrape websites and technical documents. The extracted information is then used to enrich existing cleansed product data.

Want to learn more about our services? Have a look at our cleansing, creation, and comparison sections.