Product data powers businesses and is the backbone to many decisions. However, product data, if not correctly managed or cleaned can cause severe operational issues. Dirty product data — inaccurate, incomplete, duplicated or inconsistent information, can cost your business up to 25% of its revenue, with an estimated impact on the US economy exceeding $3 trillion annually. 

The hidden costs of dirty product data are immense, often invisible until they disrupt business processes, customer relationships and the accuracy of KPI’s.

What is Dirty Product Data?

Dirty product data refers to errors and discrepancies in the information that your business relies on to sell, distribute and manage your products. 

This can range from incorrect product descriptions, duplicated entries, to outdated specifications. The implications are far-reaching, leading over and under stocking, inefficiencies, legal implications and loss of sales.

The Challenge of Manually Cleansing Data

Manually cleaning dirty product data is a tedious task. The sheer volume of data, coupled with the complexity of today’s product ecosystems, makes manual intervention laborious and error-prone. It’s a process that demands considerable time and resources, often resulting in incomplete and temporary fixes.

Here’s Your Solution: Using AI to Automate This Data Cleansing

AI brings a level of sophistication, speed and accuracy to the process that is unattainable by human efforts alone. ML algorithms can analyse vast datasets rapidly, identifying and rectifying errors that would take humans an inordinate amount of time to even detect. These algorithms are not just reactive; they can predict and prevent data inaccuracies before they occur by learning from patterns and anomalies over time.

AICA is a SaaS platform that utilises AI and ML to automate the process of product data cleansing. Our user-friendly platform stands out in product data cleansing as we employ our bespoke AI and ML algorithms tailored to tackle the nuances of product data. 

How We Cleanse Dirty Product Data

By integrating with your existing PIM, MDM, ERP, and EAM systems, we ensure seamless data flow and integrity across all channels. 

Here’s how our service pillars support your data hygiene:

– Missing Data Addition: We fill the gaps, ensuring completeness.

-Anomaly Detection: Our systems spot and flag inconsistencies with unparalleled accuracy.

– Corrupt Data Detection and Rectification: AICA corrects errors at their source, preventing them from proliferating.

– Deduplication: We eliminate redundancies, creating a single source of truth.

– Poor Language Rectification: AICA refines product descriptions for clarity and impact.

Why SaaS is The Answer to Product Data Cleansing

Software as a Service has revolutionised the way businesses operate, offering a paradigm of efficiency and scalability that traditional software models cannot match. The SaaS model that we employ allows your organisation to access AICA’s platform over the internet without the need for internal infrastructure or technical maintenance teams. This approach means that we are highly scalable and flexible allowing us to grow alongside your business. Therefore we can offer a more streamlined, flexible, and future-proof service.


AICA is more than a solution; it’s a strategic partner in the fight against dirty product  data. By partnering with us and utilising our platform you can reclaim your data integrity and harness the full potential of your product information. 

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