Our partnership program is meticulously designed to cultivate a synergistic relationship that propels both parties towards mutual growth and success. Through collaboration, we are poised to achieve remarkable results, igniting progress and fostering innovation for our shared clientele.

With our exclusive Machine Learning algorithms and a seasoned team of IT and business professionals, we have honed our expertise in delivering unparalleled value across diverse industries. When you integrate our cutting-edge solutions into your consulting practice, you gain a powerful tool for distinguishing yourself, delivering substantial benefits to your clients, and cultivating a distinct competitive advantage.

AICA engages in collaborative partnerships across various partner categories to deliver its comprehensive range of services

Software Providers

In this category, you’ll find software companies looking to enhance their core product offerings. They recognise that achieving this goal doesn’t necessitate costly and specialised development and maintenance efforts. By partnering with AICA, they can harness our expertise in data cleansing and enrichment, allowing them to enhance their software’s capabilities and maintain competitiveness in the market.

Software Implementation Partners

Companies in this group aspire to elevate their service offerings. Their goal is to optimise the efficiency of their software implementations while simultaneously enhancing customer satisfaction. AICA’s data cleansing and enrichment services serve as valuable tools in achieving these objectives, ensuring smoother and more successful software rollouts for their clients.

Business Process Consultants

Consultants specialising in business processes understand the pivotal role that clean and enriched data plays in their projects. They rely on AICA to provide them with the high-quality data needed to implement systems effectively. By utilising our services, they can not only streamline their projects but also validate the return on investment (ROI) for their clients, reinforcing the value they deliver.


E-marketplaces face a unique challenge due to the sheer volume and diversity of product data they handle from numerous suppliers. Maintaining data cleanliness is of utmost importance for them to ensure a seamless user experience. AICA is a trusted partner for e-marketplaces, helping them maintain the integrity and quality of their data, which is essential for their operations and success in a highly competitive online marketplace landscape.

Commission Partners

Individuals and organisations who value the unmatched solutions offered by AICA and wish to evangelise them can benefit from becoming a commission partner. By promoting our innovative offerings, commission partners can expect a fruitful return on business brought to us. Our structured commission system ensures a win-win scenario, empowering partners to earn lucratively while spreading the word about our groundbreaking solutions. This partnership is ideal for those keen on scaling their efforts and achieving mutual growth.