Establishing standardised data for products or services is crucial for optimal operational and logistical performance. Therefore, AICA offers a suite dedicated to Product and Service Data Creation, crafted to streamline your business operations. 

This suite ensures accurate and well-organised information is available for new products.

Attribute Creation

To ensure that all product attributes are current, accurate and standardised, we automate the process of creating them for new items.

Streamlining the attribute amendment process minimises discrepancies and inconsistencies, ultimately facilitating seamless item creation.

Number Creation

Furthermore, effortlessly creating standardised SKUs and UPCs is essential for a strong inventory tracking and management system.

Efficient generation of these numbers minimises errors in inventory management and order processing, resulting in a more streamlined and dependable operation.

Product Classification

By categorising products in a logical and precise manner (For example, UNSPSC), you can optimise your catalogue, making it easier to manage and retrieve.

Product classification enhances the usability of your product database, supporting swift internal navigation and simplifying the processing of data.

Description Creation

It is essential to provide all internal stakeholders with detailed and concise product descriptions, enabling them to perform their functions effectively.

Well-crafted descriptions enable better communication across departments, contribute to accurate product representation in internal databases, and assist in automating product-related operations.