The AICA Platform

Having precise, clean, and structured product data has never been easier thanks to AICA’s cutting-edge platform. Our platform is meticulously designed to manage, cleanse, and enhance your product data, facilitating a significant improvement in your operational efficiency and data-driven decision-making.

Comprehensive Data Profiling

Our platform offers an insightful data profiling feature, identifying blank values, field data types, recurring patterns, and other key metrics. This 360-degree view of your data helps identify opportunities for data cleansing and assess the maintenance quality of your data. You can drill down to see specific product item records affected, as well as sort, filter, and conceal product information as needed

Sophisticated Spelling Correction

We automate spelling and abbreviation detection using advanced algorithms. Our system presents you with options to either correct or ignore system suggestions. Moreover, you can bulk update uppercase, lowercase, and camel
case formatting, and even request custom spelling in foreign languages.

Efficient Duplicate Handling

The platform rigorously scans for duplicate product data in column content descriptions, detecting duplicate names, descriptions, and numbers on both a column and row level. You are then given the option to edit, delete, or ignore these duplicates, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of your dataset.

Anomaly Detection

AICA employs Six Sigma methodologies, a proven set of techniques and tools
for process improvement, to detect anomalies in your product data. This empowers you to further enhance the quality of your data by choosing to delete or ignore detected anomalies.

Detailed Inspection Capabilities

Our platform allows you to inspect your product data at the line and column level, both before and after the cleansing process. You have access to a variety of options like sorting in ascending/descending order, filtering, and column hiding/showing, ensuring you have maximum control over your data before exporting.

Simplified 5-Step Process

The journey to cleaner product data is a simple 5-step process on our platform:

1. Upload your .CSV file with a drag-and-drop action.
2. Visualise your data with our advanced machine learning algorithms.
3. Cleanse your data, identifying and rectifying any “dirty” data.
4. Evaluate the cleaned data, ensuring a thorough and effective cleansing process.
5. Export the clean, accurate .CSV file for reintegration into your system.

With AICA’s SaaS platform, managing product data becomes a seamless and rewarding experience, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – growing your business. Embrace the future of product data management with AICA today.

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