The ability to transform a basic SKU number into a comprehensive profile of product attributes is not just innovative, it’s essential – especially when missing data is so prevalent. Such a transformation is at the core of AICA’s data enrichment capabilities, which meticulously flesh out incomplete datasets, turning them into robust repositories of information that power business intelligence and operational efficiency.

From Incomplete to In-depth

The reality of product databases is often a story of incomplete or inconsistent information. When a dataset lacks vital details, our algorithms step in to fill the gaps.

As shown in the image of Bearing #3312, our system takes a lone SKU and enriches it with a complete set of attributes, ensuring that every product carries a full spectrum of data from type and size to performance metrics.

Enrichment Through Machine Learning

Our machine learning algorithms are specially designed to combat data deficiencies. They sift through product data sheets, correcting and completing them. This process is clearly illustrated in the image where the algorithm has not only identified the bearing’s fundamental attributes but has also supplied additional data that was presumably missing, such as load ratings and speed limits—crucial for operational and sales purposes.

Precision in Classification

In addition to attribute enrichment, our platform classifies products within the universal UNSPSC code system. This step is particularly valuable when data discrepancies exist, as it ensures products are correctly organised within the global marketplace.

As the image demonstrates, Bearing #3312 is not just a collection of attributes but a product with a clear place in the international classification system.

Bridging the Data Gaps

The process of data enrichment is especially important for businesses when product information is fragmented. Incomplete data can lead to poor decision-making and inefficiencies across supply chains.

AICA’s enrichment capabilities systematically address these issues, as seen with the bearing example, providing a data-rich foundation for inventory management and procurement strategies.

Empower Your Decision-Making

Complete and accurate product data is the cornerstone of strategic business decisions. Enriched data profiles enable your organisation to match products to specific customer requirements, anticipate market needs and maintain optimal inventory levels.

With enriched profiles, your business can turn potential data shortcomings into strengths, fostering growth and efficiency.


AICA’s enrichment services are an invaluable asset, ensuring that every product’s data profile is as complete and functional as the product itself.

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